Types of Deposit Bonds

 Types of bonds that we grant

Types of bonds that we grant

In general, our clients are in the construction, works and supply sectors; They are both national and foreign contractors that need to take hold before governmental entities, and to which we offer different types of bonds:


Loyalty Bond

Guarantees compensation for property damage caused by an employee for the commission of an offense against property of the beneficiary company or for which it is legally responsible, whether it is theft, fraud, fraud, embezzlement or abuse of trust.


Types of Loyalty Bonds

Types of Loyalty Bonds

Individuals: one is issued for each employee with unique amount and validity. It can strengthen administrative staff and sales. You can also issue a bond for Bail Bonds Agent and Insurance Agent.

Certificate: it is a set of individual bonds, with the advantage of being included in a single document and having an effective date of effectiveness, which simplifies administrative control. The administrative and sales staff can be strengthened

Excess or Complementary to the Global Bond: it is issued as a complement to one or several persons included in the global bond and who, due to their responsibilities, require a greater guarantee than that granted in the global bond

Combined coverage: in this bond the beneficiary has the option of securing people in administrative and sales positions and must include at least 11 people with an individual amount each,

Global: all administrative personnel are included, from the highest-ranking employee to the lowest-ranked employee, with a single non-cumulative amount for each and every employee included. It is optional to include workers in this type of bond and exclude sales agents or personnel who perform similar functions, can be secured separately in another type of bond.

Unique amount for sellers: this bond is exclusive for your sales staff or for those who perform similar functions. Thinking about its protection for a lower cost, this new product was created, which has the characteristic of a single non-cumulative amount.


Non-Criminal Bonds

Non-Criminal Bonds

They guarantee the fulfillment of an obligation derived from a judicial procedure and that will be exhibited before a competent judicial authority, whether in family, civil, mercantile, real estate, labor and protection matters.

In Civil Matters: this bond, serves to guarantee the possible damages that may be caused to any of the parties in a civil proceeding, derived from the breach of a civil obligation.

As regards real estate leasing: it guarantees the payment of possible damages that may be caused to one of the parties in a special eviction lawsuit.

Regarding protection: guarantees the payment of possible damages that may be caused to one of the parties involved in an amparo proceeding, whether direct or indirect and arising from the suspension of an act claimed within the same process.


Administrative Bonds


Are those that guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations acquired by the guarantor as a result of the adjudication in his favor of a contract of work or supply. Other bonds in this category are the fiscal ones, for imports and exports, customs brokers, land use, leasing and ticketing management.


Work and Procurement: they guarantee the fulfillment of the different obligations that are generated by the contracting of Works or the Acquisition of Goods and / or Services.


The main bonds of works and supply are:

Advance: the due investment or total or partial amortization of the advance granted and, where appropriate, the return of the same.

Good quality or hidden defects: good quality of the works, goods or services delivered for a specific time and, if applicable, the repair of damages or hidden defects that result from the supplier or contractor.

Fiscal non-conformity: guarantee payment in case the result of the disagreement procedure presented is adverse to the taxpayer or guarantor.

IMSS, derived from Employer worker or constituent Capital quotas

SAT, for Federal taxes and tariffs

Customs: it is an import or export tax in accordance with the Customs Code.


Leasing: guarantees the payment of the rent during the time established in the Lease Agreement signed.

They may be: For real estate


Other Administrative Bonds: guarantee the fulfillment of diverse obligations in general.


Permits: Raffles and Draws, Urbanizations.

Ticketing: guarantees compliance with the obligations assumed by travel agencies established in the contracts of the Commercial Commission, concluded with national and international airlines or land transportation lines. The guaranteed obligation in this type of bond is the delivery, in time and form, of the proceeds of the ticket sales and other valued forms.


Credit Guarantees

This branch specializes in guaranteeing strictly credit operations, with the objective that the creditors recover the credits granted. They guarantee to moral persons, the fulfillment of credit obligations contracted by natural or legal persons, related to the payment of a certain sum of money.