Month: March 2019

What is a License Bond?

A license bond is one of several different types of commercial bonds needed for a business to engage in certain types of business practices. Bonds of this type may be required before a local municipality or a state or federal agency will grant the license necessary to legally engage in those who are business. The […]

What is Bail

The surety is an agreement whereby someone guarantees a commitment and thereby undertakes towards a creditor to comply with that undertaking if the debtor does not himself comply with it (art. 2011 Dutch Civil Code). The guarantee is a consensual, unilateral and additional agreement that is concluded in principle ‘for free’: Consensual : The bail arises […]

Types of Deposit Bonds

  Types of bonds that we grant In general, our clients are in the construction, works and supply sectors; They are both national and foreign contractors that need to take hold before governmental entities, and to which we offer different types of bonds:   Loyalty Bond Guarantees compensation for property damage caused by an employee […]

What are the Differences between a Bill and a Bond

  Among the debt securities are customary for many modern investors, a bond and an exotic bill of exchange. Both instruments have a similar functionality – the issuer who borrowed funds for a bond or bill, undertakes to redeem the paper after a certain period of time and pay its owner a fee. What are […]